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How To Imrprove Website Google Pagerank

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Now a day it’s very hot debate that “how to improve website Google pagerank”. As you know that we haven’t seen any update from Google since February 2013 but just two days before (5 December 2013) Google updates Page Rank toolbar. Lot of bloggers saying that there is no progress in their blog pagerank. If you want to improve your pagerank, then first of all you need to understand the pagerank and what essentials to improve website Google pagerank.
Website Google Pagerank How to Improve Website Google Pagerank
Before going to discuss that how to improve pagerank, let me simplify you what is Google pagerank actually? Google pagerank is a toolbar which is used to rank the websites, it based on a scale of 0 to 10, if you have Google pagerank 1, then its mean you have 1 score out of 10, and if you have Google pagerank 2 then it’s mean you have two points out of 10.
How is Page Rank Calculated?
Actually Google uses a variety of methods to rank websites, accurate formula of calculation is still secret, but generally Page Rank is calculated upon the number of links on your website, these links included:
Dofollow links.
No-Follow links.
Inbound links.
Internal links.
Now I am going to provide you some tips, through these tips you can Improve Website Google Pagerank in very short time.
7 Best Tips To Improve Website Google Pagerank

1. Content is King and Links are Queen

Most important is your “contents”, in order to increase your pagerank try to create evergreen content and do interlinking. Never ever use copyright material on your blog. Always try to publish contents that should useful for your readers. Secondly backlinks, quality contents not enough to get higher rank, build backlinks with high PR websites. Also participate in forums and refer people toward your blog.
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2. Update Your Site Frequently

Google likes frequently updated websites, if you are updating your website frequently then more Google will crawl your site, through this there are immense chances to get higher rank.

3. Use the Right Keywords

As you know, people using keywords instead of long statement to search...

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