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Happiness is intangible and described differently by various people. People have an influence over their happiness by their life choices. However, a person can be genetically wired to have a higher set happiness level. A person’s way of life and human biology will affect his level of happiness.
The qualities of one’s relationships with others greatly influence his overall well-being. A person that is lonely before he gets married will have an increase in happiness and his set level will be higher than it was before marriage. However, marriage is one relationship that has little influence over people who are sociable. The couple’s level of happiness will temporarily increase, but after two ...view middle of the document...

However, in some ways people have been taught to thirst for money. This thirst comes from the advertisements that the government allows to be shown to their citizens. The government wants their citizen to want to buy goods to improve their economy. Consequently, the government has little care for the amount of happiness their citizens have as long as the economy is well. Therefore, citizens strive to make money because they think it equals happiness (Barker 62-67). In reality a person that is striving to make money ends up limiting the amount of time spent on things that would actually make him happy. Such as spending time with people he cares about, or doing things he loves to do (Barker 62-67).
Continually, a person’s overall well-being can be improved by participating in certain activities. A person should take time throughout his day “to look for the positives in life and work” towards them (McCormick). Studies have shown that a person who writes about things that he is grateful for on a regular basis will have a higher set happiness level than people who don’t. When a person focuses on the good in his life and the things he is grateful for, he won’t have the time to think about the negatives. Helping other people out whether strangers or a friend gives one a sense of pleasure that also increases his overall well-being. A person’s happiness will also increase if he plans for things that he can look forward to. Anticipation for improvement or a positive event increases one’s overall well-being (Lyubomirsky A8-A9).
Another large factor in one’s overall level of happiness is his human biology. People are born with a certain set happiness level; it runs in their DNA (“Happiness”). This born happiness is due to the amount of activity one has in his prefrontal cortex. The more activity in that part of the brain the greater level of happiness a person feels. These people are more receptive to dopamine, which is a chemical that influences their level of happiness. Additionally, these happy people have less health issues because their body produces “50% more anti-bodies than [the] average” person (Lemonick A12-A17). Continually, exuberance is an important character trait in happy people. According to Ellen Winner, a person’s...

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