How To Increase Security And Privacy In I Phone 5 S Running I Os7

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In this modern era, smart-phones have achieved computing and networking capabilities that has increasing the overall demand of apps among the users. The widespread availability and quantity of downloadable apps has often given rise to the substantial security and privacy concerns. Rather than using mobile web, individuals are spending more time using mobile apps. So, security and privacy are the major responsibilities for businesses involved in mobile apps development.
With the launch of iOS 7 and iPhone 5S, Apple has surely started the debate of mobile security again. There are a range of features encoded into iOS7 and iPhone 5S which help users take cognizance of their security policies.

Smart-phones users download a range of apps which collaborate with core user interactions to send and receive sensitive information’s. There have been many instances where users have been victim of security breach. Apps collect all sorts of information and make it easily accessible to third party vendors. This is the reason why Apple laid major emphasis on security technologies that allows end to end control of devices, data and apps. In order to secure your iPhone 5S running on iOS7, users can follow simple guidelines:

• Use a stronger pass code lock: Passcode lock prevents apple device from casual snooping. It protects the data from unwanted intrusion by encrypting hardware in order to prevent it from burglars. iPhone 5s consists of biometric fingerprint identity sensor that can authenticate and secure device access. Rather than 4-number pin, enter longer set of numbers without making it overly difficult to enter.

• Keep personal notifications and system toggles off your lock screen: There is no need of Strong Passcode lock if your messages, notification center alerts is clearly seen on Screen. This is one of the major drawbacks in smart devices. But in Apple devices you can turn off Lock screen data while leaving your devices at unreliable place. iPhone 5s dwells with Touch ID...

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