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How To Juggle Essay

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Juggling various objects has been around since ancient times. However, it’s still nonetheless probably one of the most worthless skills anybody could ever learn unless you’re interested in joining a freakshow or circus. However, Stev-o from Jackass started out as juggling clown at a flea-market circus in Florida, so you should never underestimate how far in life juggling could take you.The first step to learning how to juggle is to get the right materials. All you need are three balls to start, but their size and weight greatly affect how easily you’ll be able to learn to juggle. Relatively heavy beanbags a little smaller than a tennis ball are preferable. A little bit of cushion makes catching a lot easier. Harder bouncy balls like tennis balls will be much more difficult to learn with. The best choice would probably be to go out and buy a set of juggling balls, which are found easily in toy stores or on the internet. However, most people probably won’t want to spend any money just to buy balls to juggle with so whatever you have lying around will most likely be fine.The easiest and most common form of juggling is called the cascade. The cascade technique involves juggling in a criss-cross pattern instead of in a circle. The first step to getting the cascade is to practice with only two balls at first. Place one ball in each hand. Throw the ball in your dominant hand upwards first. Just practice throwing the first ball up and catching it with the other hand that is holding the second ball. Now, add the second throw. While the first ball is in the air, toss the second ball in your non-dominant hand underneath the first. Each ball should have switched hands during these two throws. Now add the third ball in. You should have two balls held in your dominant hand and one in the other hand. Practice throwing only two balls like in the previous step while holding the third for a few times. After you’re comfortable...

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