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How To Keep Your Children Healthy During Cold And Flu Season

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How to Keep Your Children Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

When the season starts to get cooler, this is the time wherein the common cold and flu became prevalent. Kids are mostly affected by these nasty viruses because they are more prone to acquiring germs while playing and since they still have limited knowledge on proper hygiene. Prevention is still best especially for kids so it always better to keep them healthy all-year round by giving them nutrient-rich foods and adequate rest. Flu vaccine is also essential since this can keep the symptoms milder and shorten the number of sick days. Here are several helpful tips that can keep cold and flu at bay:

Teach good hygiene
Teaching your children proper hygiene does not only protect them from cold and flu but to all sorts of diseases caused by germs. Washing hands frequently should always be on the priority list. Viruses that causes cold and flu spread through direct contact with oral and nasal secretions and children are mostly affected because they play closely together and they are still learning proper hygiene. Washing hands using warm water and soap can easily kill germs though it must be done in a right way. It should last at least 20 seconds and every area should be rubbed thoroughly. Social distancing and proper cough decorum is also a must in preventing the spread of cold and flu virus. Teach your children to use a tissue in covering their mouth and nose when coughing and to dispose it properly. It is best to keep your child at home if they are sick to keep the virus from spreading.

Wear weather appropriate clothing
Keep them dressed appropriately for the weather especially outdoors. Always keep jackets, winter coats, thick socks, insulated gloves, scarf and hats ready. Have them dressed in layers of clothing to provide extra insulation and to trap the warm air produced by the body effectively. If they intend to play in the snow, have them wear waterproof clothes.

Encourage them to exercise
Having your kids exercised regularly can help in keeping their immune system healthy thus lowering the risk against numerous diseases including...

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