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How to Kill Ants

One warm night, he came through the bedroom window. His sudden intrusion angered me. That was the first time I saw him in this house. His tiny round eyes seemed innocent enough, but he was frightened by my stare. His skinny long legs were trembling. He turned his head, saying, "I'm completely lost." That was certainly not a good excuse for breaking into my private property. "Hey, YOU, get outta here," I said as I picked him and threw him out of the window. "Never come back!"

But I saw him a second time; he was in the kitchen with his friends. They were stealing my roommate Susie's peach from her shelf. With his triumphant face, he proclaimed, "I conquered your kitchen. Ha, ha, ha." I was furious. "Oh, shut up!" I declared. "I'm gonna terminate you guys!" Our long battle began. I took COMBAT from under the sink and sprayed it toward them. The ones there died, but it wasn't over. His brothers and sisters keep coming to the kitchen. The little ants with all their relatives are the most annoying enemies in any family's kitchen.

Initially, I used ant killer sprays to kill ants. These sprays easily clear up thousands of crawling ants at once. Nevertheless, the number of ants increased, ants invaded the bathroom next to the kitchen. I aimed thenozzle at endless lines of ants. My battle cry for the day was, "1, 2, 3, Fire!" Combat Ant & Roach Instant Killer keeps on killing even after the surface is dry. At first, I believed that eliminating foraging workers through spraying them might result in exterminating the colony. However, as I found out, spraying only kills a small fraction of the colony's population -even the ones that are killed are quickly replaced.

There are also unexpected ways that sprays make the problem worse. Queens are sensitive to insecticide residues. When you spray one area with ant sprays, one or more queens move to a new site with another group ofworkers to begin another colony. Thus, spraying can even result in greater number of ants. Ants will continuously coming to your house even though you may have previously killed thousands of worker ants. This fight might never end.

Not only are sprays ineffective in exterminating ants but spraying is also harmful for humans and pets. COMBAT Ant & Roach Instant Killer includes many toxic chemicals like the 73 % petroleum distillates. Petroleum distillates are frequently found in gasoline, paint thinner, and charcoal lighter. It's no wonder...

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