How To Learn How To Play Dominoes

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How to Learn How to Play Dominoes
Ask your dad if he wants to play dominoes. You have seen the case on his mantle for years and have never had the courage to talk about it. He might actually be real competition.
He agrees.
Sit down at his small glass coffee table, you on the floor and him on the couch.
“Okay, so first you have to shuffle the dominoes like this,” he says and proceeds to demonstrate while you watch.
Well, this is awkward. Quickly, school your face into a mask of attentiveness.
You know how to play dominoes and, as you’ll soon come to know, you know even better than him; you have even beaten your mom a few times and your sister more times than you can count, but he ...view middle of the document...

It will be difficult, but just let it happen.
He, along with many others, doesn’t know how smart you actually are. It’s a necessary evil.
And so, you obligingly place a domino in the wrong place and throw away thirty so he could lecture you on how you could have gotten thirty.
You next give him the domino you know he’s looking for so he gets twenty five.
He lectures you on strategy and demands to look at your hand. Show him.
“You see, Jae,” he’ll say, “I haven’t played any threes. So because I haven’t played off of any threes, you can guess that I don’t have any. If you would’ve played this domino”—he shows you the domino you have with a three on it—“I would’ve been out. I’d have to pick from the graveyard.” He’ll smile because he has indeed shown you something very clever. He wants you to know he’s clever.
Although you have already figured this out playing with your sister and mom for years, it feels nice to hear it from him. You smile back like a toddler because it somehow feels like you are learning it for the...

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