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How To Listen To Music. Essay

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Different styles of music effect people in many ways. The different styles could be different in religion, culture, and their messages towards the public. Because of the many styles , many questions are found concerning how different music effects people in different ways. Every style of music have their own beats, melodies, and instruments which give different effects to the human year. From that difference people perceive these styles of music in many ways. Some people seem to fancy one type of music more than the others, some people can listen to almost any type of music without haste while some do not really care for music at all.What kind of music do different age groups listen to? That really is a matter of young people preferring fast beats compared to the adults that prefer easy listening tunes. Young people from ages fourteen to around the early twenties seem to get into music that have lyrics that contain stories or themes on sex, violence, and relationships. Especially music that contains explicit lyrics is popular among the teenagers. So why is it that certain groups listen to certain music?In answer, people listen to the music in the manner in which they feel. For example being in a compressed environment may make one to want to rebel in one way or another to feel more independent and strong. On the other hand one who faces many responsibilities and have true independence seem to listen to music with slower beats or music with a realistic point of view on life. So this means that people listen to music differently depending on what their circumstances are.What are the various types of music? Music goes back as far as human history will allow it, we are not sure who the first musician was, but we are sure he came about in a very early time. In the beginning music was little more then a rather unattractive chanting. However, this chanting did have it's musical attributes and is therefore music. Music was used as a tool when you go back to the most primitive ages of humanity. Music might have started out as religious rituals and for tribal ceremonies.On the religious aspect of music, chant music, which is the start of the religious music, is the most characteristic feature of music history. The instrumental part of the Baroque and Renaissance where highly religious, and where made to help people reflect on heavenly things. Though the Baroque is much more organic, it still had the primary function of promoting religion. This type of music is a mind game, while the Renaissance was more structured and more basic then the Baroque. In a way music started out for a purpose of representing religion just like how every country its own national anthem has.During the Classical era, music once again became structured. As a matter of fact, music hadn't been nearly as structured before the Classical period. When listening to a Classical piece, like Beethoven's 3rd Symphony, one must remember that the beauty is in the structure, not necessarily in...

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