How To Live In My Country

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Ana Flora MbaENGL 101Process Essay (second draft)5/21/2014How to Survive in Equatorial Guinea I have been living in a country where money and power is the only religion. Equatorial Guinea, the only country that speaks Spanish in Africa. Now or later on, you may be thinking on moving over there for economic reasons because Equatorial Guinea is rich in natural resources or maybe for any other reason. But I have to tell you that, to live in my country is actually difficult. I have been living there for 18 years and I have experienced how complicated life is in Equatorial Guinea. We live in a dictatorship where people suffer day by day from injustice. People get punished or killed if they try to express their thinking or try to go against the regime. For you, a stranger, to survive in my country and actually be able to live there, you have to be observant, obedient, and discreet. Only having these three skills, you will be able to survive in the dictator regime of Equatorial Guinea without getting into problems.One of the first thing you will have to learn is to be observant. People in my country almost behave the same because they are copying each other. If you get in my country you have to learn to observe. Nobody in Equatorial Guinea try to think outside the box because they think that might cause them problems, so once you have arrived I recommend you to be aware of everything that people do. If they all go to an assembly to honor the president, you have to go too without excuse! If people do not talk about politics among themselves and they tend to be quiet when something bother them, then you have to do the same thing! You have to look of how people act and think, for if you try to come up with new thinking and behaviors people will see you as a threat. They might judge you or even hate you. Before you show up, learn from others' behavior. Ask people questions about the culture, the current situation of the country, and what does people consider a good or bad behavior. If you want to live in a peaceful environment in Equatorial Guinea without feeling judged and actually make friends, you should get adapted of what you have found and do not give people around you the impression that you are an arrogant who does not value the principles of the country.After you have learned to be an observant, the next thing you should do is learn to be obedient. People that have this skill are the ones that are willing to obey, comply, and submit to authority. Therefore, obedience will be important for you to get a job and to do not get in troubles with those in charge or the police. If you are planning to live in a dictatorship, submission is a better attitude. You have to assume that there will always be laws like "All social networking sites are restricted during elections. Men have the right to traditionally marry more than two women." Laws that you might not like, but you will have to accept them anyways. If you, as a new citizen, start to complain and make...

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