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How To Live On A Low Budget

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In the history of mankind living within a budget was a matter of survival instead of a necessity. A person lived life one of two ways. They had too much to possibly spend or go through or never enough to get by. Balancing a budget was more of an exception instead of the rule. Survival skills then and now are employed in a number of ways to ensure future success. I will reveal and expand on each technique started then, carried over to modern times and the challenges that lie ahead to live a modest and debt free life.
Many countries, municipalities and villages controlled the wealth of their environments with the use of a caste system. The system worked as long as royalty kept the things rolling in their direction, the people born into lower levels of the system did their jobs and the poor stayed poor. Ruling parties used social status, skin color and bloodlines to maintain the status quo and fend off uprisings and coup de etats. Social status was maintained through education. A person who couldn’t read or write had little chance of getting ahead in life while the elite were schooled at an early age and groomed to replace their parents. Maintaining a budget was as easy as possessing only the things a person worked for. The lower classes live life on a treadmill to make what they could to feed, clothe and shelter themselves generation after generation. Those with skills occupied the middle class and provided for themselves well.
In Asian culture a pure skinned person was looked up to and revered while darker pigmented people were identified as field workers and manual laborers whose job was to support the upper classes. Variations of Buddhist principles allowed the upper crust of society to enforce a culture of self-entitlement and preach the natural existence of others to perform the menial labor to serve the rich and powerful. The feeling that a person’s budget was the extent of what they had was normal. Lower classes were forbidden to own land, luxury goods or live in anything but modest conditions. The uneducated knew little more than what their families did before them and thought it was a natural progression to follow their footsteps.
The middle ages allowed the classes of income to fluctuate. A person who produced raw goods was paid for their bounty which enabled them to buy the tools needed to produce more, feed their...

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