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How To Look Fabulous On A Budget

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Ever wonder how to look great without hurting the budget? In this tight economy, inflation is rising faster than many incomes, so shopper have to become more price savvy when it comes to shopping. Four great ways to update the wardrobe without breaking the bank include buying on sale, off-season, online, and at consignment or resale boutiques.
Buy Items on Sale
Retailers have sales to increase inventory turnover, which increases working capital makes room for new inventory. Often, stores have a regular schedule for receiving new products and associate are happy to let customer know when to expect a new shipment. Customers can use this information to estimate when the store will have an inventory liquidation or clearance sale.
Most companies also have shoppers’ clubs and email newsletters to give customers special discounts and inform buyer of upcoming deals. For an even better deal, shoppers can find coupons for their favorite stores and combine the two discounts. For example, if a store patron is shopping for a leather jacket that normally costs $250, a 50% off sale will bring the price down to $125. An additional 25% off coupon will further lower the price to $93.75. Now that’s a deal!
Buy Off-Season
Finding deals while retail shopping has a lot to do with timing. Waiting until mid-season will often result in better prices than shopping at the season change. For example, many people begin shopping for winter clothing in November. This is the peak time for stores to charge full price on new items for the next season. Wait until January to buy higher priced items, like the leather jacket above. Prices will reduce as the season go on. Although selection will thin late season, mid season is about the right time to find a good selection at reasonable prices.
To find rock bottom prices, shop for winter during the summer. Many retailers will still have leftover stock from seasons long ended. Many times, the merchants are even willing to haggle down prices even further. This works best for items that are the backbone of any wardrobe, so buy that little black dress in January and the cashmere sweater in July!
Shop Online
Don’t want to wait six months to shop for awesome new styles?...

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