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How To Make Social Movements Be Successful

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According to Perry and Pugh “Social movements are collectives with a degree of leadership, organization, and ideological commitment to promote or resist change” (Ferris and Stein 489). Unlike political campaigns, social movements attempt to alter the norms of a certain behavior or thing, a collective group sees as “wrong”. Perry and Pugh also argued that people start organizing social movements because they see inconsistency (real or perceived) between what they are getting and what they deserve (as cited in Ferris and Stein 494). These movements can be seen in a variety of matters, usually political or social, such as; feminist rights, animal rights, gay rights or organizations for a certain cause such as homelessness. The people who join these movements seek for the possibility of a better society, maybe not right away but for our future generations to come. In order for social movements to be successful, it is very important to address the public through mobilizing resources so more people come together and react to the same cause. The wider the audience, the better the results. This being said, social movements are what shapes our culture. Take as an example the civil rights movement, or the right to vote. If there would not have been a reform against these rights, our world today would be very different and would not be as free. These rights were attained by social reforms. There are going to be more rules as the year come, and they may give rise to oppression, making people want to reform against them. No matter what consequences the movement may bring because it is proven some movements fail and others strive, social activism will continue to exist in the future decades. Our society is made up from rights or fall they bring about. Take as an example these two organizations, which consist on a large group of people reunited to promote change in a certain subject.
The National Organization for Women (NOW) is the largest feminist organization in the United States. NOW was founded in the year 1966 to help women fight for the rights they deserve. Human beings, no matter their race or gender deserve equality, but it does not always seem to happen. There was inequality among genders a long time ago, and many people issue it is still visible today. The members who form part of this organization try to bring about inequality for women in areas in which it could be found. These include discrimination and harassment in the workplace, schools, justice system and also seek for their protection such as abortion, and birth control.“It ends all forms of violence against women; eradicate racism, sexism and homophobia; and promote equality and justice in our society”(
The organization has more than 500,000 members and 550 chapters in the United States and the District of Columbia. The institute usually gets its members by educating the public about women’s rights through the media. They have a website, and are also part of social media’s such as...

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