How To Manage Home Depot Essay

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Home Depot is one of thee largest home improvement store in the world with over 3,000 stores world wide, and 2,000 more planned to open by the year 2005. Home Depot seems to have a strangle hold on the home improvement market because they have beaten out almost every competitor to date. I am sure you have realized that Home Depot has flaws. Every time you enter a Home Depot, it is like your entering a post nuclear war zone. The product you are looking for is out of stock. If you have to special order it, it is like waiting for the pony express to deliver it, that is, if they order the right item the first time. God help you if you have to return anything because it's like jumping out of the frying pan and into the flame. Then there is the problem with having to find somebody that knows what he or she is talking about if you can find anybody at all. If you happen to be so lucky as to find somebody competent enough to assist you, then the two of you can start your journey of finding the product which of course, will lead right back to the first problem. If I were the manager, I think that my ideas would help turn the image and shopping experience around for consumers and employees alike.My first step would be to make sure that there are enough "goods" on the shelf to last until the next ordering process. To fix this, I would employ enough physically strong employees that could handle the job of keeping my store stocked day in and day out. Then I would employ people that could understand how to effectively order merchandise and have it shipped in a timely manner. By effectively equipping these two aspects of the store, I think that it will bring down the number of customer complaints regarding "out of stock items" that the store receives.I feel that customer service and customer assistance are one in the same. To remedy the problems I would hire people with prior experience in the field of work that I need them to perform in, whether it would be special orders, returns, or any other position in the store. I would also improve the interaction between the customer and my associates by providing a service that I...

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