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How To Cope With Stress From College

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Everyone deals with stress at some point in his or her life. Most people deal with it daily. As defined in the book called Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness, stress is, “The mental, emotional, and physiological response of the body to any situation that is new, threatening, frightening, or exciting” (Hoeger & Hoeger, 2012). This stress is caused by a stressor, which is also known as “a stress-causing event” (Hoeger & Hoeger, 2012). Stressors can take all different forms, from moving to a new town, having a baby, or even writing a paper (Boyd, Wood, & Wood, 2011). One major stressor in life can be going to college. If not coped with properly, these stressors can leave a person with too much stress that could end up harming them mentally and physically, such as developing an illness (Boyd, Wood, & Wood, 2011). There are several ways to cope with stress. Some healthy ways to cope with stress would be practicing emotion-focused coping, building time-management techniques, and practicing meditation.
Going to college can be an exciting new experience that can challenge a person more than he or she thought was possible. Attending college, especially for the first time, can be a very stressful time in a person’s life. Some of the stress that is associated with attending college are living in a new place, having to meet new people, having new responsibilities, and of course the homework that goes along with taking classes. If a person does not learn to cope with these stressors in a healthy way, that person may become very overwhelmed and possibly depressed (Hoeger & Hoeger, 2010) .To keep one’s body and mind safe from the overexposure of stress, they can practice the following techniques.
The first technique a person who is going to college can use to help prevent or cope with stress is emotion-focused coping. According to the book, Mastering the World of Psychology, emotion-focused coping is, “a response involving reappraisal of a stressor to reduce its emotional impact” (Boyd, Wood, & Wood, 2011). In other words, it means a person has to change their view point of a situation so that it does not emotionally affect them as much. Since I began college this fall, I have found that it is easy to take the teacher’s constructive criticism on homework to heart. Instead of taking a bad grade to heart and believing I am not smart, I am able to use emotion-focused coping to view the “bad” grade and the constructive criticism not as insults, but as helpful pointers that help me learn from my mistakes and can help me improve my academic skills for the next assignment. By learning how to reappraise the stressor by using this technique, a person can reduce negative stress in his or her life.
Another technique that is helpful when dealing with stress from college life is time-management. Time-management is used to make better use of a person’s time so that they can get done what they need to, as well as ensure free time for...

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