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How To Migrate The Mailboxes Between Exchange Servers Hosted On Different Domains?

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Migrating the mailboxes between the Exchange Servers (different/same versions) between two different domains is a great technical challenge for the Administrators. This task becomes more complicated because of different Windows Server versions, the establishment of trust between two domains, usage of complicated PowerShell CMDlets for mailbox migration, and resolution of compatibility issues between mailboxes of different Exchange versions. If you need a firm and easy solution for migrating the mailboxes between the Exchange Servers hosted on different domains or from a locally hosted Exchange to an online Exchange Server, then Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager (LERM) is the solution you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll list down the steps to migrate the mailboxes between Exchange Servers hosted on different domains.
1. After installing the software, start Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager from the desktop or Start Menu.
2. For the first time, the software will ask to add a source with the following dialog box. If it doesn’t ask for it, then you can click “Add Source” button in the toolbar to start the process.

Figure: Startup Screen with ‘Add Source’ dialog box

3. Select “Live Exchange” or “Live Exchange using existing MS Outlook profile” to connect to Exchange Server from which the mailbox has to be migrated. The former asks for Exchange Server Name whereas the latter will use an already existing profile in Microsoft Outlook to connect automatically. In our case, we’re selecting “Live Exchange”. Click “Next” button to display the following dialog box.

Figure: Dialog box asking for details to connect to Server

4. Provide the inputs for Exchange Server name and mailbox name. Select “Connect Multiple Mailboxes” for migrating all mailboxes, or you can also select single mailbox, public folders, and archive mailbox. Click “Next” button. This will start connecting to Exchange Server with the following...

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