How To Motivate The Employee To Go Extra Mile As A Leader University Of Washington/ Mgmt 300 Essay

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Derric Ma
MGMT 300
Reflection Week 2
The ability of encouraging extra-role performance from the group members is becoming more important for a leader in this era. Performing routine task is no longer sufficient to evaluate the value of individual to the organization. According to my personal experience, there are some strategies to motivate my group mate to engage in voluntary activities among the group.
First method I have used is making the group members understand the outcome of Citizenship Behaviors (OCB) from extra-role performance. In this case, group members are more willing to go the extra mile to help other members and group because they understand that engaging in the behaviors that are not on job description will possibly improve the ability of individuals and team performance.
I was a vice-president of soccer club in high school. All the members of soccer club are required to perform on certain level on the pitch to qualify into the stage of becoming the representative of school. As a leader, I always emphasize soccer is a team sport and the importance of team chemistry to their individual performance on the pitch. Since the members understand this crucial point, they are more active with helping the others to find out the weakness and try to improve it. They always stay on the pitch for extra practice after the team training to improve the individual skills like shooting, passing, stamina and speed. All the members believe the effect of link-up play is followed by individual skill. If everyone on the team can build the...

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