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How To Negotiate A Raise At Work

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Negotiation for having a raise:

The plan for having a promotion in the work field is a rough task. The process of me presenting this to top management would be able to know what the skills are needed for the next position. Provide proof to head management that one is ready for the next position. One should be able to predict to questions that will be asked. Lastly, one should able to present in a professional manner to head, to convince them why the position really matters,
According to page 66, our text book refers to the skill of not to say yes to the first offer. In other words, if one takes yes for an answer for the first time, it shows to them that the negotiations skills are not strong, and one is actually not ready for a promotion. Furthermore, our text book refers to page 161 of perceptions. In the book it states “Perceptions also influences all of our communications choices-the messages we send the channels through which we send them” (Page 161). This means the way we talk to our head boss, has a huge influence in our status of getting a promotion or not.
In the text book, it talks about first impression. In page 173, it talks about how one should make a good first impression. If one builds a good impression, management would love to give out a promotion to the one whom out shines the other opponents. According to the text book it states “we can influence the other person’s search by using body language that generally triggers positive qualities” (page 173). When I had an interview for the on campus job, I did not dress professionally; I dressed as a “thug’. I presented myself with good body language. For instance, I had a genuine smile, good postures, and I had good eye contact. Those factors lead to a successful interview. The next day I got the call saying I was hired. I got the job due to my confidence; the people who interviewed me had a good impression.
According to, it talks about how to convince the boss of why a promotion is needed. For example, when the author of the website states “Am I worth less to you now that I was worth last year” (forbes). In other words, when one says that to head boss, one might think for a bit and have reasons why one I worth more or less than last year.
Another fact that the author states about a negotiation is that the manager has certain observations of an individual. For example the website states “Second, inquire about your manager’s perceptions of you. Ask how you performed this year; did you do as well as expected” ( In other words, the manager would be asking an individual why one needs a raise, what makes them ready for the raise. Furthermore, the manager would be expected to say what the individual has done the past year to deserve the raise. In a real world situation, an individual would have to have his or her answer ready. For example, if I wanted a raise in my work area, I would have to have all my facts ready to present to my manager. If an individual...

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