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How To Run A Successful Security Agency

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Over ages man has had to base their peace and tranquillity on assurance of security. To this end, endless efforts have been put to place and immense resources utilised in an effort to enhance security. One of such efforts has been the establishment of law enforcement agencies. They are mandated with the role of ensuring that man is not only safe, but also that safety is not breached and those with contrary perceptions are brought to justice.
The agencies are thus given societal mandate to not only apprehend those with motives to breach the much sort after peace, but to also investigate them and gather incriminating evidence, where the same can be proved of their interior motives and as such meted with justice accordingly. This paper will thus bear an in-depth look of such an agency and what it entails to run one successful.
The Problem
The agency’s history, as is of any aspect of life a great determinant to its present and future. Its formation to start with has played a huge role to its present status. At its inception stage, it was not supported by the State police of Sherriff’s office. As such many of its management problems which would have been resolved with support from these offices have thus gone unchecked creating inherent problems within the agency. It is evident that at its early stages, the agency would have easily managed to run its affairs, but with increased population and advancement in crime technology, the previously seemingly simple task is magnified if peace and order is to be maintained.
Another problem inherited from their history is its location. The location of Virtual County is a location offering no promise of similar setups springing up in its neighbourhood. As such it has been subjected to the provision of security services as it enjoys due its seemingly small geographical coverage. To this end it has had no other police agency being allocated to its population despite its internal development records. There is little or no room for the establishment of other agencies and as such the VCPD have the sole jurisdiction over Virtual County. This is despite the fact that there has to be population bursts as well as structural expansion. These are all roots to increased crimes and need for more security services.
Further, its history is relatively young dating back to 55 years. This is a relatively young department bearing in mind its mandate. A strong police department need deep-rooted networks and grounds within the society it claims to police over. This is more so bearing in mind that the police officers are relatively young. This makes them to have little knowledge as to the history of the land and also lack much needed guidance from their predecessors.
Another historical drawback is the long turf battle that had been waged between the agency and the State police. This must have created intractable conflicts between the two having raged on for over 30 years. To this end, unless steps are taken to...

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