How To Overcome Barriers To Working Out For New Mothers

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There are many reasons that people don’t engage in a workout program. These reasons are what we may call “challenges” or barriers to working out.

For many new moms, these challenges may seem too much at times, that they just simply decide to give up and abandon any plan of including a post pregnancy weight loss regimen in their postnatal lives.

This happens, not just in Singapore, but the world over. With the reasons being universal, can the solutions also be applicable to all new moms, whether they reside in Singapore or not? Yes, they can!

Time Constraints

If other people who have not experienced getting pregnant and delivering a baby already have a hard time complying with their goal to keep fit and lose weight, what more a woman who has become a new mom?

A new mother no longer has complete liberty to do as she pleases, to go wherever she wants. Her baby is her top priority, as it should naturally be. However, this doesn’t mean that just because you have a new baby, you’ll have to put your own existence and needs on hold, until your child grows up.

If you are serious about keeping fit and dropping excess pounds that you gained during pregnancy, then one of the best times to seek the help of fitness trainer is not long after your give birth. That’s because your personal training will be easier to undertake when you have professional guidance to look forward to, which includes scheduling.

Family and friends of a woman who wants to get rid of her post pregnancy bulges will also need to chip in their efforts at helping her achieve the goal.

One of the best ways to do this is to set aside a specific “me time” that means workout time for you. Discuss with your personal trainer your separate availabilities and find a compromise. That will greatly facilitate compliance with your schedule and your regimen.

Low Self-Esteem
Some people have a poor body image of themselves. Women who recently gave birth may experience this insecurity about the condition of their postnatal bodies in a more heightened way, particularly if they were shapely before they got pregnant....

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