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How To Have A Successful Career In Physical Therapy

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In the PTT program there are many certain ways to be successful and how to do it, so here's some ways to help you get the career of your dreams. The two main points to help are How to become a successful Physical Therapy Technician and What kind of PTT that you want to strive to become and Path to achieve that goal.

The importance of the guidelines of the College Student Handbook are three valuable rules to help us better our success in the PTT program and or field. The three main precautions are Covering tattoos, Uniforms, and Professional Behavior. The first is covering tattoos, tattoos are an importance in the medical field to keep them covered because we don't want the clients thinking we are juvenile when we are not. The second is Uniforms. The uniforms we are provided with are scrubs, the scrubs need to be wore throughout our educated year with tattoos covered if students have them. The third is professional behavior. Professional behavior is a must in a field dealing with patients one-on-one, if you go to work each day with a bad attitude then you won't receive many patients. The handbook says, “1. Use professional and courteous language. Profanity is not acceptable. Slang is not deemed professional in the health care workplace. 2. Outbursts of anger, confrontations, arguments, and fighting are not acceptable.” How I became interested in Physical Therapy was from getting injured playing sports, coaching a youth city league, and to finding a professional job. One thing that got me interested was from me getting injured a lot. I injured my left ankle so many times and having to go to a doctor to get it checked every time was a hassle because it was like they told me the same stuff to keep it from getting worst, I want to help people get back on the court or field and keep living their dream without icing, heating, and wrapping the swollen or bruised area which won't help them become better. Physical Therapy will help my coaching by helping any injured kids on the field or audience members. It will help with better understanding of how to deal with an injury or a sprain and how to help keep from effecting their further athletic career. Another reason would be to help find a professional job, no more part time jobs with minimum wage. Physical Therapy will help by improving my school education with making this a permanent thing for me. It will also give me a better chance to work with famous athletes I've admired over years or by helping me work with our future athletic superstars, the youth and teenagers. A challenge that will ensure my success in the PTT program would have to be transportation, family, and coaching. Transportation is an issue because I live in sun city, so for me it takes me 30 minutes to get to school, and that is a problem especially if you have siblings to drop off then also try to get around traffic without being late to class. Family is a difficulty for only because I'm the oldest out of 5 kids and my...

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