How To Pass The Driving Test

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“I am sorry,” the examiner said. “You have to practice more.” Before I passed the driving test, I failed two times. Consequently, I have more experience about the proper driving because I learned much more from correcting my wrong ways to drive. It may be a formidable challenge for me to get through the test if I don’t follow appropriate steps. In order to smoothly pass the driving test, one should read up the Driver Handbook, keep observing the traffic conditions, and clam down the jittery nerve.
The first step is to carefully read the Driver Handbook again and again until we remember all of the traffic regulation. The Driver Handbook contains basic information about Pre-drive Check List ...view middle of the document...

In addition, good drivers must check the traffic when they approach an intersection. The quality of a good driver is what we have to show to the examiner and make him or her believe that we can make proper decisions when driving and maintain safety no matter what other drivers are doing. Unfortunately, I ignored traffic check as I took the second driving test. When I drove to an intersection, I did not check traffic if the light was green. When I changed lane, I just looked the rearview mirror rather than looked over my appropriate shoulder to move into the next lane. Consequently, I accumulated enough errors and failed the test. Not only the traffic check contributes to this failure, but also my jittery nerve.
The last step is to calm the jittery nerve down during the driving test. Most people become nervous when they take a driving test, especially for those people who retake the test. They are afraid of forgetting the rules, failing the test, or even causing an accident. The more nervous people are getting during test, the more information about the right way to drive they miss. Also, tension can distract people and cause them to...

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