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How To Pet Proof Your Home For Your Pet's Safety

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Your pets are like babies especially when young. And you need to pay as much attention to their safety as to your babies'. You need to prepare your home properly to safeguard your pet and ensure its happiness and good health. If you never had a pet before or are clueless about how to go about pet-proofing your place, do not worry and dither. To help you out, we bring this list of hand-picked tips to make your home ready for your new pet dog, cat or any other kind of fur ball.
Set up your home to make it suitable for your pet
You want your pet to change your life and fill it up with love and warmth. You need to make sure that your pet does not change your life by chewing, scratching, running into accidents and turning your home upside down.
Keep a vacuum cleaner handy to clean up stray pet hair and fur and avoid your pet from swallowing them. Check all nooks and corners for items like strings, needles, wrappers and plastic bags which ...view middle of the document...

Unplug all electrical cords when not in use. Tie them in a knot and put them away so that your pet cannot play with the cord.
Be careful of what is around you. Many day-to-day life food and plants are toxic to pets, like chocolates, lilies, poinsettia and garlic. Read about what is poisonous for your pet and try to keep your pet away from those.
Use waste bins with pedal-push lids which your pet won't be able to open, explore and create a mess with.
Keep laundry and shoes stored away properly to safeguard your possessions as well as to save your pet from choking over buttons and drawstrings.
Keep your cosmetics away from accessible surfaces. Get a dresser with drawers where you can add child-proof latches.
Check your washing machine and dryer before starting them. Those are favourite hide-outs for pets.
Home pet supplies
Take a stroll to a pet shop and buy the following potential life-savers for any pet-owner.
Make sure that you arm yourself with usual pet cat or pet dog supplies like scratch posts, chew bones, pet food, medicines for worms, pet odour and stain eliminators, pet food and water bowls.
If you do not have a permanent home, it would be a good idea to buy a pet cage to facilitate your pet's movement when you shift homes.
For people who do not have space to accommodate outdoor pet houses, indoor pet houses may be a good option. They come in a variety of sizes and can be fit into any kind of space.
Set up your pet house with a nice pet bed. Check out the latest cat or dog pet supply catalogue to know what kind of pet beds dogs and cats love.
Take special care while setting up a pet house for your outdoor pet dog. The kennel needs to be protected from the rain and cold. Fit the kennel with pet dog products which will make the place lively, warm and comfortable.
If you want to really pamper your dog, buy it one of the fancy pet dog strollers. Most dogs fall in love with these.
If you have a cat, buy a lubricant to eliminate swallowed fur and avoid intestinal blockage.
Preparing your home for the new four-legged member in your household can be a very exciting process when you what is in store for you. Taking a little extra care will go a long way towards keeping both your pet and yourself happy and healthy.

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