How To Plan A Succesful Event

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Introduction I am planning with my colleagues a promotional event for our event marketing company.We have finally been able to open up a new office building instead of just working at my house. We feel that this is a perfect time to celebrate and the same time build awareness of our business. Our aim is to attract more customers and get people familiar with what we have to offer. As a start-up company our financial resources are very limited and mostly for that reason I want to hold a low-budget but effective promotional event. My plan is to invite our happy excisting customers to tell about their experiences with us and that way let people hear real life examples of what we have done and how happy our customers have been. It brings creditability to us and hopefully we can build many new relationships and potential customers during this event. We also want to arrange few drawings and get a local band to play few songs.
Creating the concept We had to think about Goldblatt's (1997) theory when choosing this certain concept for our event. It explains the five W's why,who,when.where and what in order to understand why this event type was chosen. First of all why is the event held? We want to gain awareness of our new business, build new customer relationships as well us celebrate our achievements and new office space. Who? Answers to question who will take part of the event? This event will mostly be directed to new potential customers and that is why promotional event was the best option for us. There will also be internal and external stakeholders participating the event. Internal stakeholders include our staff and external the media. When? Do we have enough time to plan the event? When the event will take place and does the timing suit the needs of the audience. When thinking about timing we have to concider multiple facts such as making sure there are no other similar events close by and that the event doesn't take place on a special day or holiday. It needs to be as convenient for the quests as possible. Fourth question where? was easy to decide since part of the event purpose is to celebrate the new office space. We want the customers to see our innovative work area where all the ideas come to alive. We will also conduct a feasibility study to see how beneficial it is to hold such an event. Things we will also take into consideration are our budget requirements, possible availability of volunteers, supporting services such as how do we get our equipment that we need and most likely to study our target audience to see if we have people that are interested coming to our event.
Target audience Even though the main purpose of our event is to attract new customers we also want to invite our current and old...

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