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“How To Plan House Warming Party”

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Entertaining guests in your home is a stressful but rewarding job. Whether you are hosting a holiday or birthday party, baby shower or any other event, being a good hostess requires significant planning and preparation. Before beginning to move into a new house which eventually becomes home, a sociable house warming party is a good start for your dream.

The house warming ceremony is an extremely important event in everyone's life. This is the moment of pride and pleasure that shows love and compassion. One should celebrate this remarkable event with extreme fervor and enthusiasm. The concept of house warming has been practiced from many years even today holds the very same significance and ...view middle of the document...

We decided to keep the RSVP date five days before the party. After the invitation card and the matter to be written was decided we wrote all the invitations, but before writing we confirmed the address with the guests. Finally, we sent out all the invitations.

The next we decided to make a planner for the work that needs to be done and that is completed. We also made a checklist of all the attendees. This helped us to keep the track of people coming and the arrangements that were to be made accordingly.

The next step was to decide onto food. In any tradition Indian or American if the guests’ hunger is satisfied the guests are satisfied. The menu had both Indian and American dishes. We also tried to take into account all tastes, allergies and restrictions while ordering for the food. We ensured special arrangements for vegetarians, children, and others with special dietary needs. The house had a big backyard so we planned to serve food there instead of indoors. The owners of the house had their daughter’s birthday falling near to the date of the house warming party. This made them to decide also to invite their daughter’s friends to the party. This made us to keep special treats for the little ones. We arranged for candies, cakes, and pastries for the children.

Before the...

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