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How To Prepare Food With Cleanliness

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Preparation of food/products
To prevent contamination such as microbes, physical and chemical hazards and to prevent the rapid growth of harmful microbes that may already be present in food.
Areas for preparation must always be clean and sanitised before and after use.
Personal hygiene practices are followed.
Fruit and Vegetables
The outer skin is cleaned thoroughly under running water before use and cutting as well as serving to reduce any chemicals that may be present on the fruit or vegetables.
Chopping boards
Separate chopping boards are used when chopping fruit/vegetables, raw or cooked food.
The following boards are used for each of these foods:
Red Red Meat
Yellow Chicken
Blue Fish
White Bread
Green Vegetables

Frozen storage
• Food is labelled dated and covered
• Food is stored at correct temperature at -18°c with no sign of defrosting
If there are problems
• If food is past the expiry date immediately throw it away asap and log in wastage book
• Discard of any products that have been exposed to contamination, pests or incorrect temps
• Discard of broken utensils and record it in the log book, ensuring you inform management before doing so
• If ready to eat products or food have been in temperatures of 4°-60°c of a total of 2 hours or less they must be used asap, or between 2-4 hours they also must be used asap. If longer than 4 hours discard of any products or food. If in doubt, throw it out.
• If the freezer is not working, move the food immediately to another freezer if it cannot be done keep the freezer door closed till you arrange for maintenance to fix the freezer.
• If the freezer is not working you must immediately move the food to another freezer to prevent growth of microbes, if this cannot be done keep the freezer door closed until it has been fix.
• Defrosted foods must not be refrozen.

Storing food utensils and equipment making sure they are stored safely, appropriately and from contamination, making sure that all food utensils and equipment are stored properly, here are some ideas.
Dry goods
• Packaging that is damaged are thrown away.
• Products are stored of the floor to prevent picking up dirt which can be transferred to work stations and surfaces contaminating them.
• The storage areas are pest free and kept clean.
• Food is stored in air tight and pest free containers.
Chilled storage
• Storing cooked and ready food above raw food in chiller.
• Food is kept chilled, covered and dated.
• Readily food is stored at 4°c or colder.
Purchasing and receiving goods
To ensure that the goods are transported safely, appropriately, arrive in excellent condition and are at the correct temperatures when received. Before signing for the goods it is wise to check the following:
• Packaging is not damaged.
• Frozen goods are still frozen and not showing signs of defrosting.
• Packages are labelled with correct name and address of the manufacturer or display a batch barcode.
• The delivery and...

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