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How To Prevent Child Trafficking Cases?

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There are many strategies that have been tried in South Eastern Europe to prevent children from being trafficked. They namely aimed at strengthening child protection and addressing root causes.Through prevention on the supply side, child trafficking can be prevented first by reducing the number of children being recruited. It can be done so by educating the children on what trafficking involves and what behaviours on their part might increase or decrease their risk of being trafficked. Public information campaigns started in Central and Eastern European countries in the late 1990s to warn girls that they were at risk of being forced into prostitution if they went abroad to earn money. Efforts were also made to inform pre-pubescent children about the risk that they might be trafficked to beg. These anti-trafficking messages were disseminated through a variety of media, including posters and films to inform the children about the abuse suffered by children taken abroad as well as to increase their awareness on child trafficking so that they will not be easy victims of the traffickers. Another way is by reducing poverty and supporting household income such that the parents' dependence on the earnings of children is reduced. When poverty in particular families is identified as a cause of parents sending their children away to earn money, tackling the poverty of these households is an obvious prevention strategy, albeit a costly one. Its use in South Eastern Europe has so far been limited to intervening on behalf of children who have been identified by NGOs with a relatively high degree of precision as being at risk of being trafficked. While income supplements are provided by state-run social services to households in extreme poverty or whose adult members are unable to work because they are disabled or ill, they are not know to have been used by any state-run services in South Eastern Europe...

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