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How To Prevent Having Social Isolation

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A basic search on Google using the phrase ‘’having many social media friend’’ has led to many results found – Mostly are from news article. I chose to gather information from Theguardian, Dailymail, CBC News and Science daily. Theguardian and Dailymail are both award-winning and reputable news company in the United Kingdom. CBC News is the largest news broadcaster in Canada whereas ScienceDaily is an American news website with articles submitted by universities and other research institution. Therefore, I feel that the information from these four sources are reliable.

A 2010 research by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have found out that when people interacts directly with ...view middle of the document...

Studies have shown that highly damaging health conditions can be triggered by social isolation. This includes physical health problems such as neurologically degenerative conditions, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, shorten life span and faster metastasizing rate of tumors. It also causes mental health condition such as depression, stress, anxiety, and a lack of confidence.

In conclusion, having many virtual friends play a significant part in our overall well-being. However, it is shown that although one can have many virtual friends, in reality, they only have slightly more than two real friends whom they could confide in. This causes social isolation and dissolving relationship with family and friends which have an adverse impact on one’s health.
(Have tried searching in other platform of sources using “value of social media friend”, but to no avail) Hence, decided to use a Boolean search on Google with the phrase “value OR importance of virtual friend”. This had resulted in many results, and mostly were from blogs. I have chosen articles from Theguardian and Information from these sources are reliable because Theguardian is an award-winning and reputable news company in the United Kingdom, whereas is an internet-based network of content with experts to provide high-quality and reliable information.

Virtual friends are beneficial to people who might be a little shy or socially awkward as it helps to build up their confidence. Virtual friend have also been found to benefit people emotionally and helps to widen their social circle. Virtual friend can also fill the spaces that real-life friends cannot provide and they can offer comments and support, however in a different way as compared to real-life friends.

A basic search in LexisNexis Academic, using “social isolation” led to many results, whereby most of them were from newspaper articles. I have focused on news articles and chose to gather information from Theguardian, National Post and The Vancouver Province (British Columbia). These sources of information are reliable as they are for educational purposes. (“edu” in their url”)

Social isolation can affect one’s health condition physically, emotionally and mentally.
Physical conditions of social isolation include osteoarthritis, heart diseases, stroke, chronic lung diseases, impaired mobility and increased risk of developing breast tumors. Mental conditions of social isolation include depression and stress. Studies have also shown that social isolation can reduce their life span.

In a nutshell, I have found out that virtual friends are important as they benefit us physically, emotionally and psychologically. However, it was shown that internet user with more than hundreds of virtual friends have astonishingly only around two close real friends whom they could confide things with. This could lead to social isolation which have many adverse health impacts which...

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