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How To Prevent The Loss Of Privacy

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Social networking has revolutionized communication. Sharing pictures or updating a status has become easier and faster than ever. It does not matter where the individual is or what they are doing—it only takes a few thumbs punches on a screen and their profile is updated. Some examples of social medium include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapshot, and others. However, the use of social media can have risks such as the loss of an individual’s privacy. In his article, “Privacy as Product of Safety”, James Grimmelmann reveals that Facebook users care about their privacy, however they have great trouble achieving it. Frequent Facebook use raises the concern of privacy loss, since it serves as a tool for everybody to obtain information that should be kept private, it is imperative to raise awareness in order to prevent losing privacy entirely.
The rapid adoption of Facebook creates a wrong image of “privacy” that users do not notice. Facebook users have the idea that their information is private. However, only a “substantial part of what they mean by “privacy” is readily achievable—at least most of the time” (Grimmelmann 796). In other words, “privacy” is difficult to obtain. When Facebook users try to establish privacy it is almost impossible because most of the time there is already too much information out there. Little does Facebook users know that, “Social networking sites activate the subconscious cues” makes Facebook users think they are “interacting within bounded, closed, private spaces” (803). Users are fooled thinking that their information is kept safe and that only those they allow can see it, but this is not the case. Facebook seems to give options about privacy settings to the extent that we can control who can see the profiles; however, this is erroneous. As an example, from the article “Privacy as a Product Safety,” Grimmelmann reveals a case where a woman “lost her teaching placement—and with her degree,” all this after one of her photos showed her “as a ‘drunken pirate’ along with an unflattering MySpace post came to the attention of her school’s superintendent” (Grimmelmann, 794). Her “photo” resulted in her dismissal from work and an entire career loss. In other words, no matter how private the information is, it may still be out there for the wrong person to view. Thus, the active use of Facebook creates an unsafe passage to which information can slip away.
It seems that privacy might be achievable, but it also seems that Facebook users are giving away their privacy. In her essay “Can You Hear Me Know”, Sherry Turkle says that people know that they are constantly being watched. Turkle says that these have led to this idea of “‘we’re all being observed all the time anyway, so who needs privacy’” (Turkle 231-32) People are not fighting for their privacy and are giving it away without a fight. Turkle also says that people do not care anymore about their privacy because they say “‘As long as I’m not doing anything wrong, who...

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