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Procrastination is the art of ‘putting things off,’ one which many students all over the world deal with on a day-to-day basis. Whether a mother asks her son or daughter to clean their messy room, or a teacher assigns a tedious six-page essay for homework, many, if not most of us, will procrastinate. Frankly there is so much more one would rather be doing than that which we must. Procrastination plays such a big role in a teenager’s daily life that it becomes a true talent and skill. For those who recognize and practice the following steps, you may be blessed with achieving the art of procrastination.
The first step to this precious and coveted talent is deciphering with accuracy exactly how many hours the task at hand will take. It is necessary to evaluate, with precision, when the absolute last possible nanosecond to start and finish the task will be before going to bed at a somewhat reasonable time-let’s say, midnight. For example, you have an English essay to write on analysis, a math assignment to complete on logarithms, as well as a history terms quiz to study on the Civil war-all due tomorrow. You determine through careful estimation that it will take four hours to complete all of the work. Two hours to write the analysis essay, one hour to complete the math assignment, and an hour to study history. Now you know that as long as you start your homework before eight you will still get everything done and get to bed at a reasonable hour. If I were in this situation I would not overly worry about the fact that the essay might take up to four hours to write and I still have to think of an interesting topic to analyze, or that I might start my homework at ten because my best friend called to ask my opinion on the new guy she likes, which certainly takes priority over homework. The art is in the planning. The key is having thought about the homework. Remember to self-praise, this is an awesome start!
Once the decision has been made, it’s time to start an assignment, so do the ‘easy stuff’ first. That way you won’t need to use your brain until later, when you are tired and want to go to bed. Tonight’s ‘easy work’ may include questions on an Italian passage that will take mere minutes with the aid of Google translate. Or a biology outline designed to make you read the book, which would take hours, but instead you just copy down the vocabulary so it only takes roughly half an hour. Now, even if the less challenging ‘busy work’ is not due until after the more challenging work, like the analysis essay, one can feel accomplished that something has been done. Remember, when it comes to studying, making neat flashcards, such as history terms color coordinated by decade, are a great way to spend hours ‘studying’ without really using your brain.
After feeling accomplished for copying a few terms down for biology, take a nice long rest, you deserve it! The art of not using your brain is hard work! Research even shows that...

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