How To Procrastinate When Writing An Essay

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How To Procrastinate When Writing An Essay.Procrastination is a considerable part of gaining a college education. A student must procrastinate in order to maximize time. This is especially evident when writing papers for English. English papers can be extremely time consuming and you must use the fine art of procrastination to get other, more important, things done.To procrastinate, you must first sit down with paper and a pen. "I do not have paper and a pen." You might say. Then, the first thing you need to do is go to buy paper and a pen. Get in your car and drive to Wal-Mart, making sure to stop for gas on the way. When you get to Wal-Mart get out of your car, walk to the door, go inside, and get a shopping cart. "Why do I need a shopping cart for paper and a pen?" The answer is two-fold, just in case and you need a few other things while you are here. Now, walk casually to the school supply ...view middle of the document...

While you are at Wal-Mart, you might as well buy groceries, fill any prescriptions you may have, try on every outfit to find the perfect one to wear while you are writing the paper, get your picture taken, shop for cds, and anything else you won't have time to do once you start writing the essay.After spending four hours at Wal-Mart, you really should get home to write your paper. After you check out, on your way out the door, you realize that you cannot read the eye chart next to the door. You decide to have your eyes checked while you are there. You go to the vision center, get your eyes checked, acquire a prescription, shop for frames, and order your glasses. Since it will just take an hour, you decide to go to the diner to get something to eat.When the hour is over, go pick up your glasses. Make sure that they fit perfectly so that they will not fall off while writing the paper. After this is done, take your purchases to your car and get in to go home. "Oh no, I forgot the laundry detergent!" you say. Now you must go back in and get it, watchfully going down every aisle to make sure you didn't forget anything else. After another hour in Wal-Mart it is time to go home.On your way home you might as well stop by Blockbuster to rent some movies. Take your time choosing the perfect movie to watch while you are writing your paper. At the checkout line, pick a drink and some candy. It is now time to go home and write that paper.On your way home, you psych yourself up to write the best paper of your life. When you get home unload the purchases and go inside, circumspectly putting them in the proper places. Now that you have the paper and pen, it is time to start writing the perfect paper.You write your name and notice that you are getting very tired. You look at the clock and observe that it is 1 am, way past your bedtime. If you want to be rested for that 8 am class, you had better go to bed now. As you ready yourself for bed you say, "Oh well, I can always write that paper tomorrow."

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