How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie

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How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People gives several proven methods and examples on how to succeed in the business world. The book's chapters are comprised of how to handle people, how to be a successful leader, and how to win people to your way of thinking. The preface provides several ideas and suggestions that will help the reader get the most out of the book. The author suggests that the reader keep an open mind, and also suggest some other reading materials that will also help.

     The first chapter deals with how to handle people successfully. In this chapter it highlights one of the most important things you can do when dealing with people and their particular situation is to rationalize with them, meaning that to better understand were the person is coming from you must put yourself in their shoes. Every one can and will rationalize why they make the decisions they make. People like the infamous Al Capone never thought he was a bad person. He had rationalized the actions he took and the decisions he made. This is a good example to lead into the first principle, which is that no one should ever critize, complain, or condemn other people. Principe two suggests that you always give people or sincere appreciation. You shouldn?t sit and think about your own individual accomplishments and successes, but compliment others on their successes. The most important thing that others can give is their genuine appreciation. That is the key to getting what you want, threatening people by force or harsh words, but to get others to do what you want is to give them what they want; appreciation for their deeds. Principle three explains that most people do not care what you want. They care mostly for themselves and are not really interested in what you want. The key is to expose them on how what you want will also benefit them; it establishes eagerness and willingness in the other people. A good example of this is fishing, you don?t bait the hook with what you want to eat, you bait the hook with what the fish want. Again, thinking from the other side?s perspective.

     The second part of the book discusses ways on how to get people to like you. The first step is to become genuinely interested in them. People are more apt to like you if they feel admired by you. One must instill a sense of fondness. ( ?Did you ever stop to think that a dog is the only animal that doesn?t have to work for a living. A hen has to lay eggs, a cow has to give milk, a canary has to sing, but a dog makes his living by giving nothing but love.?---Dale Carnegie) Dogs are man?s best friend for this reason, they never criticize or complain, they are always affectionate and enthused. The next principle is not to speak about yourself or your own accomplishments. People do not care about others successes they feel threatened. Get people to talk about themselves, this will help you attain a...

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