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How To Promote Gender And Empower Women

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The Citizen Report (2007) evaluated the progress towards MDGs and identified the key indicators, which require urgent policy attention in Rajasthan. The report based on secondary source produced by the State Government, websites, civil society assessments and academic literature. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger the state made a good effort. Overall, the number of population below poverty line in Rajasthan in 2004-05 as per Mixed Recall period (MRP) consumption was 17.5 percent. It was 14.3 percent for rural areas and 28.1 percent for urban areas. Rural poverty situation is significantly better than urban poverty. According to Uniform Recall Period 22.1 percent population were ...view middle of the document...

95 compared to 33.49 percent for females. The women representation in the Lok Sabha was three and three in Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan
In 2004, percentage of infant deaths to total deaths in Rajasthan was 27.8 and the rural percentage was 31.2 compared with urban percentage of 16.0. Also the infant mortality rat in 2004 was 67 and varied from 74 in rural areas to 42 in urban areas. Sample Registration System data shows that in 1992-94, the average infant mortality rate was 85.3 that came down to 73.3 in 2002-04. This situation is only better than Madhya Pradesh among all major states. Only 27.1 percent of children age 12-23 months received measles vaccine in 1998-99 and in 2005-2006 the percentage was 42.7 percent, a much-improved situation. The report found that the state did not do well to improve maternal health. NFHS-2 showed that mothers in Rajasthan received antenatal check-ups for only 47.5 percent births during the three years preceding the survey (1998-99), up from 32 percent in 1992-93 (NFHS-1). The main reason was for that lack of education. As per the NFHS-2 for the year 1998-99, only 20.8 percent ever-married...

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