How To Protect Yourself And Have Safe Sex

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How to Protect Yourself and have Safe Sex

The purpose of this paper is to give people information on the advantages, disadvantages and different forms of safe sex. This paper is done for the purpose of preventing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), not for the purpose of birth control. This gives you different ways to still enjoy sex as you normally would, but with some different and somewhat unusual changes. Some may find this appealing and some may find it hideous. The options are up to you; I am just giving you other alternatives.
"Sex", as defined by the WWWebster Dictionary is, "the sum of the structural, functional, and behavioral characteristics of living things that are involved in reproduction by two interacting parents and that distinguish males and females." "Safe Sex", also defined by the WWWebster Dictionary as, "sexual activity and especially sexual intercourse in which various measures (as the use of latex condoms or the practice of monogamy) are taken to avoid disease (as AIDS) transmitted by sexual contact."
For sex to be consensual, partners must be prepared to adhere to each other's requests to slow down, back off or stop. If a person feels that their partner would not honor a direct request to stop doing something, they may want to reconsider if sex with that person is "safe" or not. A barrier is any physical object, which allows sex that would otherwise be unsafe to be safer or safe by preventing the transmission of bodily fluids. These include condoms, gloves and oral barriers.
Some of the advantages of safe sex is that it will give the person greater peace of mind, can help penile/vaginal intercourse to last longer, greater comfort when penetration the anus with a finger or hand and makes the practice of anal sex more eroticized and attractive to some people. This also helps demonstrate courtesy and respect towards one's partner(s), frees a person from having to depend solely on the other person to tell them the truth about their disease status and avoids awkwardness with new partners who practice safe sex all the time.
Some of the disadvantages would be, receiving a sexually transmitted disease and getting pregnant before you are ready. At this time in our life, most sexually transmitted diseases are incurable. You may possibly and more than likely die from a sexually transmitted disease brought on to you by an unsuspected partner.
One way to enjoy safe sex is by manual stimulation. For the woman, the clitoris and the G-Spot give high pleasurable sensation. A female will find those high pleasurable sensations with the clitoris and G-Spot more easily than they experience it through ordinary vaginal penetration. A person may use a gloved hand, vibrator or tongue on the females clitoris or G-Spot for the highest of stimulation. For the man, the prostate gland. Stimulation of the prostate gland can often cause an increase in pleasure in the penis. One should listen to the feedback of the male...

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