How To Write A Research Paper: Questions And Answers

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Step 1: Define Your Research Purpose

The purpose of my research is to find information about a city that I would might like to settle down in and I have chosen San Diego, California.

Step 2: Take a Mental Inventory

I live in the country in a small town in Maine a state in New England. I do not mind the climate sometimes I may wish for better weather but, it is a losing fight. I like the free air the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and New Hampshire. I like also that Portland not far and Boston is near by as well. I do not like that there are less jobs in this area. I do think that the wages are lower then some states as well. The State has 6% taxes and the standard of living has digressed in resent years.

I have learn a lot about San Diego and think looks wealthy. It shares a border with Mexico the famed city of Tijuana. I understand that professional wages would be higher in California compared to Maine. I understand San Diego is a port city as well. The city has a laid-back vibe with the surfer lifestyle and Spanish cultures merging together. California is a more expensive place to live. Also San Diego has a lot of people so that means a lot of traffic. The weather looks warm I just do not know how nice it would be on a hot summers day.

Step 3: Formulate Research Questions

Does San Diego have a diverse population?

What kinds of things are there to do, especially in nature and learning?

What schools and colleges are in the area?

What kind of Churches are in the area?

It’s a city and it is near Mexico how safe is it?

How hot does it get in the summer and did they have any natural disaster in the past?

Is there a great deal of traffic?

What about earthquakes?

What are housing costs?

How good is the standard of living based on a check list tailored to me?

How much are taxes?

What kind of Government is in place and the history of the government?

What is San Diego known for?

What is the median income from a house hold in San Diego?
What is the cost for an average house in San Diego?

Is water shortage a real issue?

How well is the city doing is it profiting.

Evacuation from the city how long would it take to escape the city if I needed to?

How from from Cal Tech is San Diego?

How pricey, good and available is the food in San Diego?

Step 4: Find Sources

I used the Yahoo search engine to find San Diego information. I found the Wikipedia page near the top. I then went to the bottom of the Wikipedia page to find the San Diego website.,_California

Step 5: Answer Research Questions

Does San Diego have a diverse population?

The population of San Diego is more diverse then here in Maine. 45% are white, 28% Hispanic or Latino, 12 % Asian, 6.7% Black and 12% other or mixed races.

What kinds of things are there to do, especially in nature and learning?

San Diego has Soft sand beaches perfect for surfing. You can do many outdoor activities like boating,...

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