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How To Purchase A Laptop Essay

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Purchasing a Laptop
Today’s world is full of technology, new things are created every day to make life easier and to keep people entertained. For the companies that create this technology it is a constant battle to stay on top of the newest trends of today’s people. With the growing popularity of Facebook, Myspace and Twitter even more people are looking for technology to help them access these things. The days of the “Old School” monitors and towers are all but forgotten. Monitors these days measure roughly one inch in width, far smaller than the once popular (now referred to as) dinosaur monitors. With companies like Apple and Dell constantly coming up with new devices it’s hard for the buyer to purchase with one is right for them. There are many things to consider when you’re shopping for a new tool to access today’s newest technology and the buyer must then ask his/herself “what am I going to use my device for?”
In recent years the tablet was designed, and now it is very well known. The tablet challenged the traditional laptops that were at the time the most innovative of the computer family. So the first decision one must decide when purchasing a laptop would be going with either a tablet of a traditional flip open laptop. Most of these have a touch screen or pen-able surface. Tablets are the much more versatile of the two and offer better gaming features for the avid temple run or candy crush players. They are small lightweight and user friendly. The other major draw of the tablet is the ability to download millions of apps, some free other must be purchased. There is an app for just about anything imaginable these days with technology playing as big of role as it does in daily life.

The market really changed with the introduction of the iPad , this device’s popularity exploded as soon as it hit the market worldwide. The iPad is a tablet that allows the user to quickly add a keyboard that works through Bluetooth, making it into a laptop with ease. School nationwide switched to these and pushed books aside. Many books are available online and can be viewed anywhere at any time. The number of downloadable apps with the use of the app store is endless. They make creating visual aids for students much easier and increase the ability to learn. IPad’s pull students in and give them opportunities to extend their knowledge of technology while offering many fun features at the same time. Assignments that were normally turned in to a basket on a piece of paper can be easily uploaded into a drop box for easy grading and can be kept organized. In years past students hauled around heavy backpacks fully loaded with textbooks notebooks and binders, with today’s technology the load has been lifted off of students while giving them better learning opportunities at the same time.
“In September, the Los Angeles Unified School District began carrying out a $50 million plan to equip 30,000 students in 47 schools from kindergarten through 12th grade...

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