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How To Quit Smoking Essay

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The subject of this paper is of my mother and her journey to quit smoking. I went through several different ways of attempting to influence my mother to quit smoking. I have been trying to influence her to quit smoking for years, however for the past two weeks, I have been trying different techniques to try to influence her to conform to the rest of the family and no longer smoke. I chose to try to influence my mom because; I care deeply about her and do not wish her to die of lung cancer or any other side effect from smoking tobacco. My mother is addicted and she relies upon cigarettes heavily, having to step outside once every few hours to have another one. I also chose to influence my mom because I know that she cares about my opinion and the rest of the family. She also shows an explicit attitude an “attitude that [she] consciously endorse and can easily report” (Akert, Aronson, Wilson 2010 pg 182). I also chose my mom because she is smart enough to realize how unhealthy smoking truly is and realizes that she does have an addiction.
Throughout the past two weeks I have made several different attempts to try to influence my mom to quit smoking. Every time I have tried to influence my mom I have tried several different techniques. The first technique I used was persuasive communication, which is “communication advocating a particular side of an issue” (Akert, Aronson. Wilson, 2010 pg 184). I used this technique by advocating that smoking is unhealthy and that it is using money that the family could be otherwise be using to buy other things, such as a new couch that she has been wanting for quite some time. The next technique I used was the Yale Attitude Change Approach, which is “the study of the conditions under which people are most likely to change their attitude in response to persuasive messages, focusing on “who said what to whom”-the source of the communication the nature of the communication, and the nature of the audience” (Akert, Aronson, Wilson 2010 pg 184). I used this technique by showing my mom the famous commercial of the girl growing facial hair, while my mom was considering having her eyebrows done. That way she was primed to think of facial hair, and thus grasp the commercial at a new level. The next technique I used in trying to persuade my mother to quit smoking was the Fear- Arousing Communications, which is “persuasive messages that attempt to change people’s attitudes by arousing their fears” (Akert, Aronson, Wilson 2010 pg 190). The following technique I used was the Social Impact Theory, which is “ the idea that conforming to social influence depends on the strength of the group’s importance, its immediacy, and the number of people in the group” (Akert, Aronson, Wilson 2010 pg 232). I used this technique by stressing the importance of our family and that no one else in the family but her smokes, seeing how my father quit smoking quite a few years ago. There is also one other person that was trying to influence...

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