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How To Rev Kids Up To Do What You Ask

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How to Rev Kids Up to do What You Ask

How to rev kids up to do what you ask,” is the sample to be discussed.
The author, Hoffman introduces two experts, the magazine’s parenting columnist Lynn and
clinical psychologist, Phelan, to advise two families, the Ashworths, father Nigel and his three young children, Ben, one, Georgia, age three, and Liam, age five; the second family consists of Angela, a single parent and her twelve year old daughter, Nina. Parent/child interactions in regards to learning and embedding lifeskills and routines are addressed.
1. The article does not introduce research findings or mention the role of research.
Phelan and Lynn support two parenting skills, acknowledgement of the child’s good behaviour and the use of natural consequences technique. Suggested research to support these findings.
My hypothesis for research could be: would praise and consequences (reinforcement) work to increase a child’s compliance? Research required to support these generic findings would entail the test or measure of the same families or families with similar features i.e. socio-economic, cultural, age, sex, temperament, personalities, genetic make -up several times over a period of time, this longitudinal study might find correlations. The strong positive correlations can tell how consistent or inconsistent the childrens’ behaviour is on compliance as well as on parental behaviour. Experimental research gives more control and faster results however this method cannot provide findings to a broad range of family types. The questionaire and interview methods would yield the most control and allow for personal observations. Improved accuracy could be obtained with home visits. Also, I could observe a control group for even better understanding of the interplay between parent and child interactions. Extensive research is required to adequately support the findings. There are many variables: chores, routines, temperament, family dynamics, peer groups, other key players (piano teacher), social ecology aspects, just to list a few that can affect the family.
2. Advice in article compared to Course Reader and text
The advice given in the article is broad. The course material concurred with the experts’ two recommendations of praising good behaviour and natural consequences. I did not find any
direct discussion of natural consequences,from the dialogue on conditioning and reinforcement (Bee,18)I inferred this advice to be part of this method. Evidence to support parental discipline was found in the text on page 3, Bee informs the reader that the child’s “...temperamental patterns...can be and are modified by the parents’ style of caregiving.”
Our academic materials make specific reference to identified situations and circumstances i.e. Bee gives an example on page 260, “...he (Patterson) emphasizes that what happens in a given family, for a particular child, is a joint product of the child’s own...

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