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How To Rule The Airways Essay

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How to Rule the Airways

Scriptwriting for radio is considered to be harder than scriptwriting
for film and TV as the writers cannot use sight and must portray the
story through sound and dialogue. In this short discussion I will be
talking about the linguistic conventions and syntax and vocabulary
also I will be discussing style and structure purpose and genre.

The first thing is linguistic conventions this is basically the
different types of ways they structure their sentences to make them
sound good to the audience.

1.0Linguistic conventions:

There are a lot of linguistic conventions in radio scripts and I will
identify some of these now:

1.1Alliteration: Alliteration is using words with the same starting
letters in a row to slow down or speed up the speech of the words
spoken an example of this is peter piper picked a peck of pickled
pepper although there is some words in the middle of the sentence that
do not start with the same letter, it does not matter as they are
short and are joining words which are spoken so fast it does not
matter that they are there. The example I have just written is the
example of using alliteration to slow down speech if you can also use
it to point out particular words and to make a point.

1.2Onomatopoeia: Onomatopoeia is used to replace sounds with words,
where words are used instead of sounds like instead of a bee buzzing
they would say buzz instead of a buzzing sound they use this in radio
to either make a joke or to make you understand the sound that they
are hearing.

1.3Oxymorons: Oxymoron’s are used in radio scripts sometimes to
confuse or to amplify the meaning of words. Oxymorons are a rhetorical
figure in which incongruous or conjoining contradictory terms are
combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.

1.4Rhyme/Rhythm/Pace: These 3 things are all to do with the speed of
the radio script. Rhyme can help also to set the mood by rhyming it
keeps it up beat and happy and can set it as a jumpy jolly medium
pace. The rhythm is how the words flow together to keep it as a
constant smooth rhythm the words have to join perfectly and you can’t
have any anomalous points otherwise it will corrupt the rhythm. The
pace is just the flow and speed...

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