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How To Saddle A Horse Essay

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The saddle was first invented possibly as early as 4000BC, humans first began riding horses not long after the domestication of them. Saddles we greatly improved during the Middle Ages, they were padded with wool or horsehair and covered with leather or textiles.
There are two kinds of horse riding: western and English . But this is for western.
Things you will need:
x a horse x horse brush x saddle pad x a saddle
Step one- This step VERY important! When riding, horses sweat under the saddle. If you don't brush the loose hair off the horse's back, and it gets wet, the horse may shake to remove the hair (and you).
Step two- Brush the inside of the saddle pad with your hand to ensure that there are no sharp or hard objects stuck in the fibers. If there are, pick them out. Such objects can be uncomfortable for the horse.
step three- Once the pad is free of hard objects, place the pad on the horse's back.
Step four- To prepare the saddle, make sure the girth strap is attached to the right side of the saddle. Then flip the right stirrup and girth strap over the saddle to get them out of the way. This will make it easier to put the saddle on the horse.
step five- Pick up the saddle while holding the right side straps up, and approach the horse from the left side. Now place the saddle on the horse's back with the horn right above the withers. You can adjust the saddle more once it is on the horse.
Step six- Once the saddle is situated, let the right side stirrup and girth strap down. You can then grab the girth strap and get prepared to strap the saddle on.
step seven- The next step is to string the strap...

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