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So you like to write—and be heard. You’ve got your own blog, you participate in your local school newspaper, or you might even scribble a few thoughts on your freedom board. However, after a while, you noticed that nobody likes the way you put your ideas on paper. After all, you might be writing like this:

“The results of our examination might yield gargantuan—if not cataclysmic—effects on my future disposition.”

The main problem with this writing style is that it has a lot of one thing and none of another. If you go through it again, you’ll notice that it’s got a lot of “boring” written on it and none of what we call “spunk.” On top of that, your reader might not be able to understand you at all.

And so, in this issue, we’ll be tackling how to “sell” your writing to your readers. And sell it hard. That said, if you want to be heard, you might as well listen to the people that specializes in selling not only products but ideas as well: the copywriters.

Write like a Poet, Convince like a Copywriter
First, copywriting is a part of advertising. A copywriter, in this sense, is a person who promotes a business, an opinion, or an idea. Like a painter, a copywriter has his own set of tools to create his very own work of art. And so, our dear Michelangelo, here are your basic tools in creating your own literary opus:

Basic writing skills
As in any form of communicative material, structure is always important. So make sure you’ve got a good idea on proper grammar, punctuation, logic and flow. If you’ve been slacking off on your language classes, then this might be a good time to refresh your skills on subject-verb agreements, tenses, and the proper use of punctuations.

Research is also important. Copywriters, before they make an advertisement, have to understand what they’re selling first. See, credibility is a major factor in selling a product. After all, if you don’t know what your product is, then how can you convince your consumer to buy it? In your case, however, it’s always a must that you have sufficient research on the subject you’re writing. Whether it’s for a blog, an essay, or an academic paper, you should always know what you’re talking about.

Advertisers always mind their audience. You don’t see a fast-food restaurant advertisement that sounds all serious-like. After all, fast-food chains should be inviting and family-friendly. That is why you should know the people who...

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