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How To Shoot A Compound Bow

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The star of the exceptionally popular book series, The Hunger Games (2008), survives the climax of the storyline with a simple bow and arrow. Although, Katniss uses a more primitive type of a bow called a longbow, there are many men and women today who use a more modern type known as the compound bow. A compound bow is a little more complicated looking than a longbow, but easier to utilize. Shooting a compound bow is one of the most exhilarating and gratifying hobbies, anyone can participate in. It is easy to effectively shoot as long as you know your bow, execute your own routine position, and have the right conditions to shoot. Anyone can shoot a bow, as long as you have the correct equipment to fit your unique shooting abilities.
First, you must know your bow. You do not get into a vehicle without knowing everything about it, the same goes with any weapon. Compound bows can be classified as either “loaded” or “naked.” Every bow, at a minimum, needs to have sights. On the string closest to your face, you have a peep sight. A peep sight is a small circle you “peep” through to aid in aiming. You look through the peep sight on to the fore sights. In the fore sights, you have anywhere from one to six pins. Each pin determines how many yards away you are shooting. The further down the pin is inside of the sight, the further away you are from the target. The pins can be manually moved up or down to adjust to your own personal preference. To help ensure you have the sights lined up correctly, you can use a kisser button. A kisser button is a piece of plastic that is around the string and under the peep sight that you put against the corner of your mouth. A kisser button helps put your peep sight to your eye in the same spot each time. You cannot shoot a bow without an arrow or it will collapse. Carbon arrows are least likely to bend, while aluminum arrows constantly bend or break. The sharp part of the arrow, or tip, can be either field tips or broad heads. Typically field tips are for practice and broad heads are more lethal. Therefore, broad heads are used to hunt with. The nock, or end, is attached to the bow string inside of a loop. You can use a release or your fingers to shoot your arrow. A release is a tool that is attached around your wrist. It extends up to a trigger attached to a clip that holds the loop. To ensure the arrow is lined up correctly, you must have a rest. Rests can be a whisker biscuit, a fall away, or simply a bar. When you hunt, you need to be quiet. A very tight string throwing an arrow at 400 feet per second is not exactly quiet. To conceal the “twang” of the bowstring, attach a couple silencers to the string. A silencer is a piece of rubber that absorbs the shock and vibrations from the string. There is a lot of work that goes into setting up a bow. Any person with a set of Hex Keys and basic knowledge about the bow can set up their own. Essentially, knowing your bow is the first step to hitting that bull’s eye.

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