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How To Spot A Liar Essay

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Lying is something that comes natural to all of us. From the time we’re babies we uses deception every day. Babies cry more when someone is around. Children make up imaginary friends to feel less lonely. Adults lie to feel better about themselves or to hide something they aren’t proud of. We lie to our friends about how they look in a dress to keep them happy or we lie to our parents about the food we’ve been eating so they don’t worry about us as much. However not every lie is harmless. Some people use lies to deceive people and gain something. We can use scientific knowledge to spot deception and by using this knowledge we can begin to get to the truth and go from lie spotting to trust ...view middle of the document...

Another method of spotting liars in by paying attention to their body language. Almost everyone uses their body to help them communicate. We all know the myths about liars. We’ve heard that they fidget a lot, or that they don’t make eye contact. Scientific data actually prove that these are actually not accurate at all. Liars actually freeze their upper bodies when lying and to compensate for the myth of not looking you in the eye, they make too much eye contact.
The most telling sign of all is the attitude of the person. An honest person is going to be cooperative and do their best to show you that their on your side. They’ll nod and be enthusiastic to help you along in finding the truth. If they’re wrongly accused they will be furious and try their best to prove to you that you’re wrong. A liar will lower his voice and look down and pause as they talk about the “false” accusations. They’ll give too much detail about irrelevant places to try to change the subject.
Humans have used lies forever. Some lies are essential to survival, some are...

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