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How To Spot And Prevent Anorexia

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A nine year old girl is school shopping with her mom, she tells her mom she doesn't want a certain top because she doesn't look "good enough" in it. A teen girl walks into a restaurant and within ten minutes is comparing herself to every other girl in the restaurant. Only about 3 percent of girls can truly call themselves beautiful. No matter how many people tell you how skinny you are you still see yourself as "fat or overweight". Females have to maintain a "normal weight" in order to fit it with society. This can make you sick, sick enough for you to die. Young girls and guys should not be starving them self to fit in with society, resulting in deaths.
First I will tell you what anorexia is, anorexia is an eating problem that occurs when you are so afraid of becoming overweight that you eat as little as possible. When you suffer from anorexia, no matter who much you weight you have lost, its never enough. This is a physical illness as well as a mental illness. There are two types of anorexia called Restricting Type and Purging Type. Restricting type is when you follow drastic diets, or exercising more than you should to lose weight. Purging type is throwing up or taking medicines to lose weight. People with this disorder believe that they will be happier and more excepted thin.
One in every 100 teenage females in America suffers from anorexia. This disease does strike men, but 90 percent of its victims are women, and 44 percent of those victims are college-age females. Does society play a key role in contributing to this problem? I think yes. In today’s society, when one talks of beauty, physical appearance are most always included. Diet commercials are constantly appearing on our television screens telling us that once we lose the weight, we will be happy.
Statistics show that depression could also be a factor. For example, 24% of bipolar patients met the criteria for eating disorders. An estimated 44% had trouble controlling their eating. With depression comes a low self esteem. Those who are depressed often think they can get attention by self harming and other negative behaviors. They may have feelings of worthlessness and have a very bad view of themselves, even about their physical image. This view is certainly a component in developing unhealthy eating habits, such as anorexia, that are meant to change the physical image.
Females all over the world are under pressure to fit a beauty type, seeing images of thin females everywhere makes it hard for women to feel good about their weight. Males are under pressure to have an athletic, fit appearance. Many children under the age of 10 are becoming obsessed with dieting. Today’s society has the wrong idea that being thin is always pretty. They don't just learn this from the media, they also learn this from their parents or siblings. Anorexia doesn't only affect the people that have it, it also affects the family and society.
Many famous people have been affected by anorexia. One in...

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