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How To Stay Safe From The Mother Of All Natural Disasters,…. Earthquakes!

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As you lay in your bed, you lull yourself to sleep. Your eyelids flutter down and clamp shut. Suddenly, you feel a jolt, moving through your body like electricity. Your bed starts to rumble and your walls begin to crumble. You sit up straight, trying to figure out what’s happening. You feel dizzy because your building is swaying back and forth. You bust open the door near you and hurry to the exit before your building collapses. As you stand outside what you used to call “home”, you stare around yourself. There are cracks in the concrete as well as lots of debris and buildings destroyed. As time passes on, you begin to get pretty parched. You have many cuts and bruises and you are in need of medical aid. Not only that, but everything around you is broken or dangerous. You just experienced an earthquake and its impacts!
As you probably figured out from the scenario above, earthquakes are very dangerous and it’s important to be ready for them. In some places, people have earthquake drills daily because earthquakes hit those places frequently! If you’re reading this in one of those earthquake prone zones, then you really are in need of this essay. When you’re reading this, it will help you prepare and stay safe from earthquakes.
Disaster Preparedness kit
One thing you ABSOLUTLY need just in case of an earthquake is a disaster preparedness kit. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “What in the world is a disaster preparedness kit?” Well, just wait I’ll tell you. A disaster preparedness kit is a kit that gives you relief from an earthquake. The kit helps you through the impact of the earthquake. That means if you are stuck outside after an earthquake and you are hungry, thirsty, and are in need of medical aid, this kit will help you get through all that. Best of all, you can construct one in your own house! Most of the items in the kit are found in your own home. To construct your own kit, just get a backpack or a bag and put these items in:
• A First Aid Kit, just in case you or someone you know is injured.
• A flashlight, for when night falls and you don’t want creepy crawlers to spook you.
• Candles, another way to see in the dark.
• A lighter\matches, so you can light the candles.
• Plenty of non-perishable food, so you can eat food that won’t spoil.
• Cash, just in case you see a store that is open for business and it sells stuff you need.
• Batteries, to power a radio and a flashlight.
• Clothes, you can’t predict the weather, it might be cold or very hot, so bring clothes that can sustain harsh weather.
• A blanket, you never know when it might get really cold so bring one so you can snuggle!
• Water bottles, you need water bottles so you won’t be thirsty.
• A battery operated radio, so you can check in with the news and see if there are any efforts...

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