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How To Survive And Thrive In A Difficult Work Environment

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 Introduction
 Why employees find it difficult to work under the control of a tyrant boss
 How to survive and thrive in a difficult work environment
 The disadvantages of working under the tyrant boss
 The benefits of having a good relationship with your boss

Many at times people have complained of having lousy bosses who tend to give those hard times at work places. It is evident that there those bosses who can be pain in the flesh, they think that they are better than the employees they have, they think that they are the only human beings and others are animal or any other kind of creature you can think of. They make one to go ...view middle of the document...

They don’t take advice from anybody and they are always right even if they are wrong.
The tyrants bosses in most cases always sees the negatives on their employees and they never compliment them for any good job done .working with tyrant bosses is very insecure this is because you can loose your job at any time since the boss is always on a bad mood and all knowing. This makes the employees to work in tension. The tyrant bosses make the employees to work for them without any break and they don’t pay for that and they don’t even care. Most of the tyrant bosses do a lot of talk than work; they burden the employees with lots of work as they sit in their offices drinking coffee waiting to scold their employee. They take credit that belongs to the employees and that is for job well done. The tyrant bosses in other words don’t trust their employees and without trust they undermine everything that the employees do. This kind of bosses has lead to some people dying of stress and frustration. All these reasons have led to people not working this kind of bosses.

Complaining about tyrannical your boss is doesn’t solve anything and in fact it can lead to you facing some serious circumstances and it can be very worse if your bitter words about your boss can get to your boss. Not getting along with your boss can also reflect negatively on you as an employee so what you have to do is to try as much as you can t get along with him or her. This can be the most important part of building your career skills. The fact that you don’t like your boss, do not mean that you should hate your job because what take you to a company or any other working institution should be work. Here are some ways to thrive and survive in a work environment.
Be proactive in a reactive work environment: may be the long hours would not be so bad if they were volatile. One minute one is worried of when they will get the next assignment and the next one, one is drowning in work from all cases. The good thing is that one maybe able to avoid or at least reduce these frenetic periods. Instead of letting others to dictate your schedule one...

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