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How To Take Care Of A Dog

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How To Take Care of A Dog
Taking care of dogs have many steps just like humans do. All dogs need things, such as food and a collar. They need toys to play with and to chew on. Dogs have to go to the vet for almost the same reasons why humans go to the doctor. All dogs have to be trained like humans have to be taught. Every dog needs companionship. There are many different breeds of dogs, but they are all taken care of basically the same.
When an owner gets a dog, they have to buy the things the dog needs. Dogs need food so he/she can eat and bowls for the food and water to go in. The dog also needs a collar, leash, and dog tags or get the dog microchipped. The ...view middle of the document...

In some states, the Rabies shot is required by law. Heartworm prevention is to prevent the dog from getting heartworms. The owner needs to buy Flea and Tick Control treatments from their vet during Flea and Tick season. During the vet visit, they should ask questions if they have any. There are just a few more steps to taking care of a dog.
To groom the animal, the owner has to turn on warm water in the bath tub. Before they put the dog in the tub, they need to get the dog shampoo, a towel, and take the collar off the animal. They also have to stick a hand under the water to make sure it is not too hot or cold. If the water is jsut right, they need to put the dog in the tub, lather him/her in the dog shampoo and scrub. When the animal is all clean, they need to rinse the dog thoroughly and dry him/her off with a towel. Immediately after the dog is towel dried, they need to put the collar back on the animal. Some dogs like being brushed, but some do not. If he/she does not like to be brushed they will not sit still. Whoever is brushing the dog will have to hold on to the collar while they brush him/her. The owner has to brush the way the fur lays. Those are just half of the steps.
The owner needs to train the dog. They need to potty train him/her to go potty outside and to sit and stay. The dog also needs to be trained to not runaway when he/she is...

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