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How To Teach English To The Students Of Rural Background?

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The rapid growth of technology raised the importance of English language as it is the language which is spoken by the most of the people in the world. It plays a significant role in many sectors including medicine, engineering and education etc. The burgeoning demand of English turned English learning as a passion and also fashion to many Indian citizens. Many teaching methodologies are adopted by teachers to make the English language learning easy. But no methodology has gained complete success in imparting English to the students of rural background. To teach foreign language to the students has become a challenging task to the teachers of India, especially the teachers of rural ...view middle of the document...

The rapid growth of technology demands a language which is approachable to all the citizens of the world. This rapidly increasing necessity compelled people to use English as a link language. It plays a vital role in many sectors including medicine, engineering and education, business etc. Particularly, developing countries believe English as spur to efficiency and success sensing it as a weapon to prove themselves as international power.
Recognizing its importance, Parliament declared English as the official language in India. Millions of people in India are trying to get mastery over English and they are insisting their children to communicate in English. It has become a compulsory language at all levels. Students are being trained from level- 1 to level-4 in the English medium schools. The burgeoning demand for English has elevated the demand for appropriate teaching methodology in class rooms. But unfortunately, despite of constant training, students are lagging in communication skills. Industrial sector is looking for the students who have sufficient employability skills and soft skills along with good command over language. But IT industry often attributes that students of this generation lack these skills. This is more to do with students from small towns and the students from the rural areas. Consequently, it has been the subject of long debate ‘how to achieve success in teaching English language, specifically to the students of rural background?’

II: Three approaches in English language teaching:
The process of English language learning has undergone many changes. Many decisions are framed regarding the content of the course at the school level, intermediate level and also at graduate level. Jack C. Richards in his writing ‘Communicative language teaching today’ has divided language teaching into three phrases:
1. Traditional approach
2. Classic communicative approach
3. Current communicative approach.
Traditional approach:
It evolved in 1960’s. According to this approach, language is practiced through direct instructions, repetitive practice and drilling of sentences based on grammatical patterns. Techniques employed in this process are memorization of dialogues, questions, substitutions skills and various forms of speaking and writing skills. Teacher plays a significant role in this method. She/he instructs the students to listen and to repeat the dialogue until the student gets it thoroughly. She selects the key structures, phrases from the dialogues and gives repetitive drills. Much attention is paid to accurate pronunciation and accurate mastery of grammar. While the process is in practice, teacher observes students syntax, fluency, intonation, grammar and pronunciation.
Classic Communicative Language Teaching:
A new approach evolved in between the years 1970 -1980. It was a reaction to traditional language teaching approach. The promoters of this approach argues that the usage of language logically at...

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