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How To Teach The Elderly Essay

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How To Teach The Elderly

As people get older, their body tends to slow down. Certain functions don’t work as well as they used to when you were younger. Their sense seems to lessen too as age increases. For example, loss of some sight, can’t hear as well, and sometimes your fingers don’t have the same sensibility as they used too. It is important though that people help teach the elderly how to adapt to these things. What researchers have done was find ways that people can teach the elderly while keeping in mind that a lot of these senses have diminished.

It is important that before you are going to teach an elderly person, you evaluate and learn about them. Find out how they are feeling at that present moment. If they are hungry, tired, or in pain they are not going to want to learn. After that, talk to them about what they want to learn. If you teach someone something they don’t want to learn, they are not going to be motivated to learn. Also before teaching an elderly person, remember the time of the day. Elderly people might not want to learn at night or afternoon because they are to tired, talk to them and ask them. When you find a place to teach in, make sure it is a quiet area that is well lighted and make sure there are no distractions. The littlest noise or sound can take their attention just like anyone else.

Keep in mind when teaching an elderly person that they may have lost some sight. If you notice that they are wearing glasses, encourage them to use their glasses, or to try things like a magnifying glass to help enhance their sight. Make sure that the room is well lighted with no glare. A tip when showing aids to an elderly person is to use oversized pictures and letters so you can help ease there sight. Another tip that I read about was using red and yellow to enhance visibility. When teaching, divide your teaching into small sections, this way you can focus on certain things. Also give the elderly person enough time for them to work at his or her own pace. Look for thins like a questioning look or a blank stare, which would mean that the person does not understand exactly what you are talking about.

When speaking to an elderly person while teaching them, face him or her at eye level so they could read your lips if they are having a hard time hearing your voice. Speak softly and slowly. Do not shout because that would make it harder for them to hear you. Also make sure there are no distracting noises in the background such as a television or a radio. When speaking, use facial expressions and gestures to help them understand what you are saying. After talking to them and teaching something, repeat yourself a couple of times, and ask for feedback so you know that they’re paying attention and understand what you are saying.

Remember that the elderly person might have lost some sense of touch so they are going to need help picking up small objects. Also teach them to be very careful when...

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