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How To Train Your Dragon: A Film Created From Norse Mythology

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How To Train Your Dragon is a children’s animation movie created by Dreamworks and directed by Chris Sanders and Dean Deblois. Released in 2010, the film features a young viking who through a course of strange events, end up befriending a dragon, going against everything his viking brethren stood for. Struggling to find acceptance, the young viking Hiccup, and his dragon Toothless end up changing both their worlds. This movie is easily one of my favorite films! Beside this film including a wonderful plot line, great celebrity voice actors, and amazing animation, this film also includes something else I enjoy, Mythology! Norse Mythology, to be more precise.
You can see the Viking characters looking very similar to that of Norse Gods very early in the film. They wear horned helmets, body armor and carry around round shields. Both men and women are fighting. Their weaponry are axes, swords, spears and hammers, are used by Norse gods. There hair is long and the men have grown long breads as well. Their form of transportation from their island were that of long and slender viking ships. Vikings based their fashion choice around their own beliefs of Norse Gods, so naturally the characters who are Vikings also look much like them.
In mutiple times in the movie, there was reference to the Norse Gods, Odin and Thor. Stoick the Vast, leader of the village spoke it in an expression of happiness, “OH, THOR ALMIGHTY!” At another scene, Gobber, a viking warrior missing his hand and leg, states when seeing the Red Giant Dragon at the nest, “Beard of Thor! What is that?!” to Stoick. Who with a look of fear replies, “Odin help us…” Odin to is referenced to quite often in the film. Mainly by Stoick, which seems very symbolic as Stoick is the leader of the village and the strongest warrior. There is a scene where Stoick is speaking with his son Hiccup and he looks to the sky saying, “Odin, It was rough!” as if speaking to Odin himself. Astrid, a female warrior speaks of Odin as well. When being carried off by Toothless the dragon, she quivers looking down from such heights and lets out, “Oh, Great Odin’s Ghost!” It’s very clear the Viking characters in the film were true believers of the Norse Gods, to use them so casually throughout the film.
The film and it’s Vikings characters had many similarities to Norse mythology and gods. I notice when the film open...

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