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How To Turn Your Enterprise Into A Learning Organization

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Describe how you would transform your enterprise into a learning organization. How would Deming's System of Profound Knowledge and the EFQM Excellence Model help you to achieve the transformation?
Man’s adaptability is a unique advantage which gave to human kind the opportunity to conquer the entire world. Our ancestors pumped knowledge and the wisdom from their experience in the environment in which they lived. They developed a variety of functions; the most fundamental is the capability of thinking. Our modern culture would not have been developed without thinking. Hence, for an organisation of our times, “thinking” is the most urgent need. Creativity and critical thinking are the necessity for modern organisations (Yeo, 2005).

A learning organisation is not such a simple theory for success; it is a philosophy, which will form a new culture for the sustainability of the organisation. According to Rotebelo and Gomez (2008), LO is flexible enough and can be adapted in a continuously changeable environment. It is very important to notice, that an unstable environment in the economic crisis, has as an only way to survive the fast information process, the fast learning and the quick adaptability. So, the reality is a race; the faster learner will gain strategic advantage and flourish. (Mackay, 2007, p.155)

Consequently, the organisations have to use their wealth; that would mean (or that would be translated as) their employee’s knowledge. Every individual learns and continuously improves himself in order to solve the organisation’s questions. Eventually, the whole system learns. This situation, from individuality to the group, provides and preserves a competitive and a strategic advantage, which will be a protection from the adverse and unsteady external background. (Hussain, 2000, p.144; Weldy, 2009)

The question of this assignment is how a company could transform into a learning organisation and how EFQM and Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge could help . I will develop the topic in the following three parts:

1) What is LO? Major characteristics.

2) Organisation’s transforming, creating LO and the most suitable way to do it.

3) How EFQM and SoPK help helps to achieve the second objective.

2. What is Learning Organisation?

There are many definitions and opinions of what LO is the most important of them are presented.

According to Argyris & Schön (1978), LO is distinguished in a single-loop and in a double-loop learning (similar with Gregory Bateson's option of first and second order of learning ). In a single-loop the difference, between the...

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